About Paleo University

Our Evolution

After noticing how hard the typical person worked in the gym towards reaching their goals, the follow up on nutrition typically falls short.  We’ve seen everything from a “one pager” full of things to eat or not eat. Ridiculous fads, complex math, and weekend certifications seem to rule the day. There has to be a way to learn to cook wholesome nutrient dense food based on the types of foods our bodies have evolved to digest.

Now there is and our commitment to you is your health first!

About Caitlin Allday, RDN

With a Masters in Classical Studies (archaeology), Caitlin has been studying the human diet for over a decade. She studied nutrition at NYU, completed her dietetic internship at Texas A&M, and is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Caitlin has been playing around with the Paleo model of Evolutionary Nutrition in her own life for almost a decade. She has also been doing CrossFit for about the same time – primarily on her own, but more recently as a member of a box. There she discovered the true power of community.