Evolutionary Nutrition

Evolutionary Nutrition is not a fad or diet; though it often gets short-handed to Paleo/primal, which are frequently seen and promoted as “diets.”


Evolutionary Nutrition is a blueprint to help people navigate our current food environment. Humans are biological systems and we should respect the fact that “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.”


It would be great if we could “just eat food” and not have to think about it; but in an attempt to make food easier and more accessible, we’ve actually made it harder to get NUTRITION.


We can’t “just eat food” anymore because often what is called “food” didn’t even exist 100 years ago.


Evolutionary Nutrition aims to give people a litmus test to determine what is and what is not food – meaning something that will nourish them.


It is a way to be realistic about our food choices and help us answer the question: is this a food choice based on health and nutrition or is this a food choice based on something else?


Evolutionary Nutrition is a tool to help people figure out what foods would benefit their health and nutrition; it’s not a diet that tells people what to eat. It is a science based approach to food and nutrition.


If you choose to eat something that is not supported by Evolutionary Nutrition, that’s your call – there is no judgement in Evolutionary Nutrition. But it removes the ability for nutritionism to justify poor food choices as “healthy.”


Humans are really good at lying to ourselves about these things. Evolutionary Nutrition is a means to cut the crap and get to the heart of things – eating primarily veggies, meat, and fruit is the best way support health and nutrition; and that will in and of itself often lead to favorable body composition and performance.


– Caitlin Allday, RDN
Nutrition Coach




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