Spring Refocus

Around this time of year, I always start to get a little antsy – I guess it’s that “spring cleaning” vibe.


I want to clean out my clothes, my piles of papers that always seem to accumulate no matter what I do, and any unnecessary things in my life. I’m not always that successful, I seem to be able to find a way to justify keeping that sweater that I haven’t worn in 3 years, but you know, I try.


One thing that I make a priority is using this time of year to refocus my nutrition.


It’s pretty common to head into a new year with lots of health goals, but a few months in things have often slipped. But all is not lost! The year is not over, you still have plenty of time to work on creating healthy habits.


If you feel like you need to refocus, I recommend taking a little bit of time this weekend to think about what worked and didn’t work over the last few months – were you as successful as you would have liked? Why or why not? What could you change to help you be more successful in the future?


It’s OK if you don’t feel like you were “successful.” You can still learn something from your efforts to change, even if they didn’t elicit full on changes in your life. Now you know what doesn’t work for you, and knowing what doesn’t work can be as important as knowing what does.


You don’t have to overhaul everything, just pick one thing to improve and focus on that.


Doing this will help you move towards your nutrition goals instead of feeling like all is lost because you didn’t hold to your “resolutions.”


Success doesn’t come from beating yourself up over not accomplishing your goals the first or even the 100th time you try. Success comes from making incremental progress towards your goals; sometimes it’s a “3 steps forward, 2 steps back” kind of progress, but hey, you’re overall still 1 step closer to your goal than you were!


Don’t beat yourself up for where you are. Take stock, refocus, and keep working towards your goals!


– Caitlin Allday, RDN
Nutrition Coach




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