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  • Just for Fun – I love this silly little article from the Kitchn about some of the weird things their staff used to eat as kids. And it begs the question What’s the Weirdest Thing You Used to Eat as a Kid?
  • Food for Thought – We know that many of you may have done a Whole30 challenge during the month of January as a way to start your year on the right foot. But what do you do after the Whole30 ends? That is a big question for people and if you don’t have a plan for what to do you may find yourself on a Whole30 roller-coaster going back and forth between doing Whole30s and binging on all.the.food. Luckily, this article from Real Food with Dana provides some really great tips and advice for how to finish out your Whole30 and transition into long term sustainable eating habit.
  • Hone your Skills – If you ever wanted to know everything there is about how to prepare garlic and how different preparation techniques can affect the flavor of a dish, this article from Serious Eats has all the info you need!


– Caitlin Allday, RDN
Nutrition Coach

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