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Let’s Talk Science:

The Interstitium – Have you heard about the “new organ” that was apparently “discovered” recently? The Interstitium is being hailed as a “newly discovered organ” by many. However, there are those who would argue that it’s been known to many for a long time, it just wasn’t acknowledged by the community at large as being a full structure unto itself.


This is one of those interesting things about science and our understanding of the human body – we can only understand it in so far as our techniques will allow us to. The reason the Interstitium was never recognized as a physical structure unto itself is because it is composed of fluid filled pockets that are intact in a living human, but the typical way to study such tissues is in a dead body and under a slide – both of which effectively destroy the very structure that one may be trying to see.


The Interstitium is a great reminder that we are far from understanding everything there is about the human body. And if we are still discovering physical structures within the body, can we really believe that we have everything figured out when it comes to nutrition?


Note: The article I’m linking for more information about the Interstitium is from a source I wouldn’t usually cite, but the people they interviewed for the article are highly respected in the fields of biomechanics and fascia.


It’s a Lifestyle:

  • Food for Thought – I don’t know about y’all but since I cook with fat all the time, I get lots of grease spattered on my clothes. I’ve generally just accepted it as part of deal of cooking; I mean, I guess, I could wear an apron, but I’m not that kind of cook. Luckily, The Kitchn has my back with their helpful tips to remove grease stains! I’m definitely gonna be using this a lot.
  • Mindset – Summer is almost upon us and for many that means travel, which can make sticking to healthy habits difficult. Since our habits are built on our routines, anything that alters the routine, like travel, also alters the habits. But, that doesn’t mean all is lost when you travel! Here are Three Simple Rules to Staying Healthy While Traveling. I use some of these tricks myself when I travel; they definitely help keep me on track and allow me to enjoy my trip without being too hard on myself.
  • Mindset – Sometimes, we as humans are really good at lying to ourselves, especially when it comes to our nutrition and fitness habits. We tell ourselves that we are doing everything we should and/or we focus on the wrong thing, typically because the actual problem is harder to change and we probably don’t even realize it’s a problem, e.g. thinking that you need to workout more to reach your goals when it’s really a regular sleep routine that you need. Eating nutrient dense food can go a long way to helping people gain health and potentially lose weight, but if you aren’t reaching your goals and find yourself frustrated, it might be time to find a practitioner who can help you figure out where the holes may be. The article Broken, is a really great reminder of this.


– Caitlin Allday, RDN
Nutrition Coach

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