What we’re diggin’ – 6/8/17

Other recipes to try:

  • Bacon Deviled Egg Salad
  • Grilled Oysters with Thai Compound Butter – This one may take a little tweaking to make it work for following a Paleo/Primal template (mainly depending on the quality of the sriracha and whether or not it has sugar – if you want to make your own sriracha check out this recipe) and I’d call the oysters baked/broiled rather than grilled. But it does sound yummy!
  • Grilled Asparagus Wrapped in Crispy Prosciutto with Sage and Parmesan – skip the parm and this recipe is good to go! (Or use it if you incorporate a little dairy.) Again I wouldn’t say grilled, I’d say baked/broiled – maybe it’s a British thing? – but heck, you could try them on the outdoor grill as is and see how it goes. If you do, let us know if the Private Facebook Group!


Let’s talk science:

  • Yet another knock to the “saturated fat/heart hypothesis” – It takes a long time to dismantle long held medical nutrition wisdom. This article continues to add to the mounting evidence that saturated fat is not the cause of heart disease. Sadly, it still leaves the door open for the use of LDL-C as a measure of heart disease risk (which it does not in fact appear to be – but we’ll get into that in the future ☺) but sometimes you have to take a partial win.If you happen to have subscription to the British Journal of Sports Medicine (I mean, who doesn’t? haha) here is the original study.
  • Leg strength and longevity – More and more research has been coming out over the last decade or so, which shows that the best indicator of longevity as we age is actually leg strength! That does not mean the size of the muscle, but rather how strong it is (don’t worry, you don’t need to be a bodybuilder to get the benefits.) What’s really cool is that leg strength also seems to have a correlation to mental acuity! Here is an article talking about it and, just in case you have access, here is one of the more recent studies.
  • Circadian rhythms and a healthy gut/microbiota interaction – Ok, so this one is for those who really want to go deep. The microbiota/microbiome has been a very hot topic the last few years BUT its study is barely in its infancy. While we know much more than we did a few years ago, and we definitely know that it has an impact on health, we still know next to nothing about how we may be able to target it to achieve desired health outcomes. This study reminds us of this fact – apparently it’s not just what microbial species you have, but you must also have healthy circadian rhythms for your microbiota to even be able to interact with your gut!


It’s a lifestyle:

  • Sleep – Dr. Kirk Parsley is a well-regarded expert in sleep. This podcast/video was his first time on Barbell Shrugged (a health and performance podcast that we love. It focuses on CrossFit but there is plenty for everyone to enjoy!) and he presses home the vital need to just go to bed!
  • MoveThis article from the New York Times focuses on the importance of just moving throughout the day, not necessarily “exercise” and touches on why it’s so hard for many people – “In today’s world, it’s activity that is unusual, not inactivity. Being active requires commitment, and for some people, that commitment can seem too much.”
  • Mindset – Gratitude journaling has become rather popular over the last few years (probably in large part due to Tim Ferriss) but as you could probably guess, the idea has been around for quite a while. This article from 2011 provides some research-based tips to get the most out of gratitude journaling.

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