You Are Not Starving

You are not starving.


Being hungry is not the same thing as “starving”.


Have you ever actually gone a day or two without access to food? I don’t mean intentionally fasting or choosing not to eat; I mean literally not having access to any food for even 24 hours.


I asked this question of someone the other day and their response was “24 hours? Try 2 hours! I don’t think I’ve probably ever even gone 2 hours without access to food.”


And yet I have had many clients tell me that they over eat at a meal “just in case they can’t eat later”.


This is an evolutionary drive. In the wild, you may not have known where your next meal was coming from and you might actually have gone a day or several without access to food.


That drive is still with us, but we don’t live in the wild any more. And this drive is now mis-matched with our environment. We now have an over-abundance of food and you will have access to food again – in fact you probably always have relatively easy access to food.


You will eat again. It’s important to check in while you are eating and make sure that you are eating to satisfied in the moment and not stuffing yourself for “later”.


You will eat again. Sometimes it’s necessary to recognize that you can feel some hunger and make the choice to wait until you have access to better food.


You are not starving. Don’t eat like it.


– Caitlin Allday, RDN
Nutrition Coach




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